Information for the day-to-day management of machines.

1. Cleaning of the external surfaces of the equipment.

Preliminary information suggests that the virus may survive for a few hours on surfaces even if the residence time in relation to the various surface materials is still being studied.

The use of simple disinfectants, for example disinfectants containing 70% alcohol (ethanol) or 0.1% chlorine-based (bleach), kill the virus by eradicating its ability to infect people. For machines with a Touch screen, it is recommended to use only isopropyl alcohol (with an alcohol percentage of at least 70%) and avoid other detergents that could damage the screen.

Always remember to disinfect the objects you use frequently, such as your mobile phone, earphones or microphone and PDA with a rag moistened with alcohol-based products or bleach. Adhere at all times to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Source: I.S.S and W.H.O. (the Istituto Superiore di Sanità - public institution and leading technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health - and the World Health Organisation).

It is recommended to clean the external parts of appliances with cloths soaked in the detergents indicated above. It is vital to focus on the interface parts of a machine, such as touch screens, selection panels, delivery areas, cup translators, change-giver buttons and areas for inserting coins / accepting banknotes or credit cards.

2. Cleaning of the internal components of the equipment.

It is preferable to use the washing cycles of brewers / mixers / milk circuits machine components. If you have to work on internal parts, make sure to wear new disposable gloves to remove the parts and to rinse them thoroughly, under running water, after cleaning them using rags soaked with the detergents indicated in point 3.

3. Recommendations for owners of the equipment.

It is important that the owner of the machine clearly communicates to the user the requirements of W.H.O regarding health safety, namely:

distance between users waiting to use the equipment (at least 1 meter away from each user).

use of gloves and protective masks to protect one's own safety and that of others.

Leave immediately the area after the withdrawal of the drink or product and consume in another area. .

The most modern vending machines are equipped with touch screens, whose screens can be used to communicate how to use the vending machine and the safety rules. For other machines it is possible to use the appropriate spaces located in the payments area for pre-printed labels or the lower and upper photographic panels of the machine. Instead, with the agreement of the owners of the location, social distancing floor signs can be applied on the floor.