Information for restarting the machine 

(after temporary shutdown)

1. Disconnect the machine from the electrical and hydraulic power supply.

2. Open the water inlet tap previously disconnected from the machine and slide 2/3 liters of water to eliminate stagnant water in the pipe (if there is a water filter refer to the manufacturer's instructions)

3. If the machine is self-supplied, empty the water tanks and rinse abundantly.

4. Manually empty the not pressurized boilers.

5. Reconnect the machine to the mains water and, with the door open, insert the yellow key. Once the machine has been switched on, force the installation of the boiler(s) from the programming menu**

6. Wait until the boiler(s) temperature has been reached, then repeat the installation cycle. Please pay attention to the water temperature which may cause burns.

7. Repeat the action at point 6 twice.

8. Load the products in the machine (if the product container have not been cleaned previously, please ensure their cleanliness).

9. Wash the brewer from the programming menu, better if you use a specific cleaning tablet.

10. Dispense 2/3 espresso coffees and then throw them away.

11. Wash the mixers, pipes and noozles with a specific cleaning product in a basin. Dry them and fit them into the machine. To speed up this process, we suggest to use previously sanitised parts to replace the ones in the machine. We recommend the use of maintenance Kit produced by Evoca.

12. Run some cleaning cycles of the mixers, then dispense some drinks from each mixer. All the drinks dispensed in this phase should be thrown away.  

13. Empty the solid/liquid waste bin and the corresponding waste conveyors and sanitise them with a specific cleaning product.

14. Clean and sanitise the delivery area, the grid and buckets with a specific cleaning product.

15. If the machine uses fresh milk, perform a circuit cleaning cycle with specific detergent.

16. The coffee machine is now ready for use.

17. Make sure that the user interface parts are sanitized, see specific paragraph.

*This news has been prepared on the basis of the official information coming from national and international scientific authorities updated on the date of its publication

** Please refer to the specific user manual of each machine model for specific instructions concerning the programming menu.