DESCALER  250ML (CODE 21002666)

DESCALER 250ML (CODE 21002666)


Regularly perform  limescale cleaning of the coffee machine is essential to ensure optimal performances.

Evoca offers a specific descaler  for espresso coffee machines to  remove  the limestone  and to  prevent   them from corrosion, protecting  and protracting their life .

Why  to choose our Descaler:

1. Exclusive formula for safety  and effective descaling.

The exclusive Evoca  formula anti-limescale ensures an accurate descaling without damaging the delicate parts inside the appliance.

2. Perfect limescale cleaning for  a longer machine life.

The Evoca descaler cleans all the water circuits of your coffee machine.

3. Protects your system from limescale formation.

Limestone is a natural component of the water used for the   functioning of  coffee machines. This special descaler protects your appliance from the formation of limestone, which would otherwise compromise the performance and the taste of daily  coffee. It is extremely effective, safe and easy to use

4. maintains the flavour of coffee, as in   your first cup.

A Regular maintenance keeps unaltered  the flavour and the  aroma of the coffee from  your Evoca coffee machine .

5. Allows maintaining an optimal coffee temperature to enhance the flavour.

The descaler removes limescale residues from the water circuit which can absorb heat, thus lowering the coffee temperature.