To maintain vending machines properly and extend their life, Evoca offers a widespread after-sales service and an always up-to-date catalogue of “Genuine” and “Original” spare parts.

Do you know the difference between an EVOCA spare part and an aftermarket one?

Genuine parts

A spare part can be considered as Genuine when it is specifically designed for the reference finished product. Before being introduced in the catalogue, the Genuine spare parts are subject to a careful check of the Evoca Quality System in any stage of the manufacturing process and are validated only if compliant with the OE (Original Equipment) standard. In Evoca, the constant search for innovation reflects in the continuous updating according to the latest developments of dispensers, thus ensuring, if necessary, all of improvements designed and validated by the R&D department also for spare parts. The Genuine spare part keeps unchanged all homologations and safety/electrical/food directives of your vending machine, as if it had just come off the production line.

Please remember, the Genuine spare parts can be supplied only by Evoca and the Official Evoca Distribution Network, beware of uncertified dealers.

Original parts

The Original spare parts from external sources is integrated in the manufacturing and assembly process and follows the same validation procedure of a Genuine spare part. From material acceptance to storage, the Original spare parts must comply with any requirements of the Evoca Quality System. The features of reliability and resistance and the specific functions of any OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer – part ensure the perfect interchangeability with the Genuine reference

The purchase of original spare parts through Evoca and its Official Distribution Network guarantees a high-quality supply and a total integration with the most updated modifications of your vending machines.

Aftermarket parts

Basically, they are copies of spare parts that are often studied by generalist companies without an adequate production know-how. They look like the Original or Genuine parts, but seldom consider the functional and performance features necessary for an optimal operation. The vending machine equipped with Aftermarket parts cannot guarantee reliability, durability, and safety, and this may lead to a questionable product in the cup, a continuous and exhausting maintenance, or also to risks for the safety (food and safety) of operators and users

Don’t trust suspicious parts or offers with prices that are too low compared with the market: rely only on the Official Evoca Distribution Network with the certified guarantee of origin of the products!