The main advantages of a Genuine or Original Evoca spare part are:



  • Always guaranteed availability on stock, with a high-level service;
  • Guaranteed availability for at least 6 years from the end of production of the corresponding finished product;
  • Widespread distribution: Evoca is present in over 100 countries with dedicated distribution and service centres.


  • Dedicated design process with the focus on the market sector;
  • Perfect integration with the distributors of the whole Evoca Group;
  • Constant updating based on the latest developments and improvements studied and integrated in the assemblies.


  • Quality excellence of materials and compliance with the applicable regulations;
  • Guarantee of performance constancy;
  • Compliance at 100% with the Evoca Quality System;
  • Validity of safety and food approvals also after possible replacements.

Coffee brewing units

The Espresso brewers are the core technology of our Automatic and Semi-automatic range for perfect distributing every type of coffee beverage. Designed to please the taste of the consumers in different countries they are perfect to brew an excellent cup of coffee, with more cream and intense taste.


The gaskets or seals used within the coffee machines, approved for food contact, are made by specific materials depending on their purpose: Silicone, EPDM, FKM Viton, polymers with different coefficients of friction, mechanical performance and chemical inertia and a low impact on the organoleptic characteristics of the drinks.


The electrovalves groups are highly ‘customized’, resulting from multiple analysis: functional, of flow rate, temperature, safety and of materials, guarantee of safe operating in every condition of the coffee machine. The used materials comply the food contact regulations thanks to the best un-leaded brass.

Vibration Pumps

The vibration pump allows to dispense water in output with higher pressure than the input pressure. Pressure is generated thanks to the vibration of a mechanical element subject to an alternating magnetic field and to a specifically designed spring system. Main characteristics are: long endurance and minimal maintenance, durable stability of the performance for the entire life of the product, outputs made of durable materials, gaskets with high resistance to cleaning liquids, brass with low lead levels

Volumetric counters

Precision instruments developed to control the dosing of liquids in coffee machines. Vertical, horizontal, with output from 0° to 270°, the Evoca volumetric counters guarantee high reliability and superior measure precision.


Snap action microswitches are mechatronic parts suitable for closing, opening or switching electrical circuits under resistance or motor loads. They are biased switched (i.e. a stable mechanical position exists); an internal elastic element grants the return to the initial position, once the operation is accomplished.